Changing roles of CFO

An exclusive breakfast discussion for CFOs of prominent firms in Singapore

Hosted by SAP, this breakfast discussion is set up to offer a relaxed and intimate forum for CFOs and senior finance leaders of prominent firms based in Singapore to discuss, debate and share experiences over a fine dining experience

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CFOs and other senior finance leaders of prominent firms in Singapore

Addressing emerging challenges in response to evolving operations and AI requires organizations to build confidence in their ability to handle risk, compliance, and security. New technologies also mean a shift in the roles within GRC. This requires their tasks to complement the widespread use of automation to improve overall productivity.

  • What are the biggest threats experienced within an organization brought about by automation?
  • How has automation and innovation affected roles within GRC in your organization?
  • How are finance teams developing their methodological skills to keep pace with transformation?

6:30 am Arrival of guests and reception

9:00 am Introduction by Ortus and short address from SAP

9:10 am Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group

9:45 am Starters served

10:00 am Discussion brought to a close and guests are encouraged to continue networking

11:00 am Change of seats before dessert

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November 28th 2019

Please apply below to attend The CFO Group. Note that attendance is by invitation only and complimentary for those invited.

Samuel AdcockChanging roles of CFO